Read: Is everyone hanging out without me? (and other concerns) by Mindy Kaling


What a fun read! Sure, it’s a beach read, yet Mindy Kaling’s Is everyone hanging out without me? (and other concerns) imparts insights within its humor and vignette-style. I picked up this book in Portland at Powell’s and have eyed it on my shelf for months. A friend said to give in and read it now–great advice.

Mindy covers everything from bullying about weight to leaving a party to the difference between men and boys. Of course, she divulges aboutThe office and her Hollywood lifestyle. I love her sense of humor, the way in which she sets the reader up and delivers.

Due to the vignette-style, the book just scratches the surface of many topics and while some readers might find this off putting, the writing is so heartfelt and contains many apt observations that I didn’t mind the style. In a way, Mindy writes as if she truly is speaking to a friend while out for coffee; in most cases, stories would be short and sweet and other times they’d be longer with more details, like her Matt & Ben section.

However, since it was published a couple of years ago, it doesn’t include anything on The Mindy project, her new show that I adore. My favorite episode of season 1 is the third, no questions asked. Before that, I didn’t know who Mindy was, having not watched more than the first couple episodes of The office. This comment will likely get me in trouble with many. In my defense, let me just say that when it first aired, I didn’t have interest in such a show and I was in college. And now that I worked in an office and have a cube, I’m not interested in watching a show about it–though a know enough to be thankful that my workplace isn’t like that!

Recommend? Yes! Mostly for women but men could learn a few things…Mindy even has a “how to be a cool guy” list. Kidding aside, anyone can relate to most of this book. It’s a fast read and will keep you entertained! Just keep in mind that it’s a fun memoir and not meant to be a lofty government tell-all or something. Grab a drink and catch up with Mindy!



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