2016: A new year, a new book


Looking back over my 2015 posts, I didn’t finish as many books this year as I have in the past. While there are a few books that I started, and one of which I am so close to completing that you’ll read about soon, the biggest reason is that I didn’t make as much time for it. Part of it is that I am learning Japanese on my own, but that is only a small portion and also needs more dedicate time.

So, for 2016 I am going to focus on reading much more and set aside time daily. All to often I read just before bed, not usually for very long and that’s not enough. Plus, there are so many wonderful books that I want to read, both discussed on podcasts and some new works by my favorite authors, so it should be an easy habit to start up again.

In addition, I want to read more broadly. Fiction is still my main go-to, but there is a lot of interesting non-fiction and other fiction genres that I have yet to explore. Mysteries are certainly on my list as well as more essay collections.

Here’s to the New Year! May it be filled with many adventures, in life and between pages.


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