Transmetropolitan volume 2 by Warren Ellis and Darick Robertson


Transmetropolitan: Lust for life volume 2 continues the story of journalist Spider Jerusalem returned to the grimy, overcrowded, hedonistic City after a few years of solitude in the country. Thrust back into his old stomping ground, he once again takes up his blistering crusade to expose the seedy underbelly in the name of justice for the common man. Warren Ellis writes the story and Darick Robertson created the artwork.

With volume 2, Ellis and Robertson focus on Spider’s past which is literally hunting him down to bite him in the ass (at least one police bulldog anyway). He is a crude, rude dude and it’s clear that he’s made a multitude of enemies that are out to get him, including his ex-wife whose head is cryogenically frozen, and featured in the cover art. In addition to developing Spider further, the world in which he lives takes more shape as the revivals (reanimated people that had been suspended cryogenically) as given a storyline and explained more.

The plot lines flow together better in this volume. While some of the elements are self-contained, there is much set up for future graphic novels and a continuation of many of the stories. This volume feels like an in-between-er, a stepping stone to the upcoming volumes. There’s nothing wrong with that but it does seem like the first one must be read before this one. The first was choppier and this one is almost too calm in the sense of less overall action. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still the same brutal, occasionally gory, and explicit story as the first one, it’s just more subdued as they further the plot.

I remain intreguied and so will order the next one from the public library. Based on the condition of the volumes, not many make it to the second. I’m a bit disappointed that some of the aspects from the first weren’t mentioned in this one but we will see what’s in store for re in volume 3. They sure are super fast reads, which is nice for a change of pace. 

Recommended?: For those who read and enjoyed the first volume. There is a lot that’s not explained in this one, so I recommend starting from the beginning. 

Transmetropolitan lust for life book cover


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