Shelved: Outlander: a novel by Diana Gabaldon


Outlander: a novel by Diana Gabaldon inspired the now famous tv show that the author has a personal hand in creating. Being a fan of the show, I figured that the books would offer me more insight into the world and characters while waiting for the next season. Claire has just been reunited with her husband Frank after WWII in which he was stationed as a soldier in a different place than she was as a nurse. They are on vacation in Scotland to rekindle their marital romance and start a family but Claire is transported almost 200 years into the past at a mysterious prehistoric stone structure. She is found by highlanders who are battling the English for rights with the Jacobite rebellion looming ever closer. She tries to get back to the ruins to try and return home but it’s difficult to do especially while pretending to be an English lady from that era to explain herself.

Read 206 pages (22%–Goodreads) before shelving it.

Reason: Unfortunately, Gabaldon has done such a great job making the show so similar to the books that I feel like I am reading the script. While reading, the corresponding scenes play in my mind as if I am watching tv instead of reading a book. It’s really odd and not in a good way.

Finish in the future?: No. There’s no need since the show is a great version of it.


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