Read: C is for corpse: a Kinsey Millhone mystery by Sue Grafton


Finished the third in the series and can’t wait to read the next! C is for corpse: a Kinsey Millhone mystery by Sue Grafton continues to follow the sassy, twice divorced Kinsey Millhone as she takes on yet another perplexing case. This time, her client winds up dead and she even more doggedly tries to solve the case.

When Kinsey meets Bobby Callahan, he’s already been purposefully run off the road and is disfigured from his injuries. There is no evidence of a crime, however, and it appears that he just had an accident but his best friend died in the crash and Bobby is determined to figure out who is trying to kill him even if he can’t remember a thing before the accident. As Kinsey and Bobby become close, when he dies in a fatal car accident, she digs into the case even harder, wanting to figure it out not only for herself but for him.

Compared to the other two in the series, this is my least favorite so far. While Kinsey is still her same sassy and sometimes rude self, the plot just didn’t grab me. Bobby is killed about halfway through (which is spoiled on the back cover so it’s not really a spoiler) and the. It drags for a bit but picks back up at the end for a thriller. Also, the side story abut her landlord sly new girlfriend didn’t interest me even though it’s its own mini mystery inside the novel. It just felt in the way of the main plot.

Grafton includes many more characters as well, starting to include more of a cast than just a handful which is good. It may allow her to do more complex mysteries in future books in the series. In this novel, they are all well-used, even if briefly. The world felt more full and complete, though the simplicity and tightly-bound stories of the first two worked as well. It’s just a different approach. Since it is a large series, it’s nice to see variety this early on. Cookie cutter books are never much fun for me.

Recommended?: Yes, if you want to read all in the series. If you are new, better to start at the beginning and then work up to this one especially as there are only two before it. If you don’t care about reading them all, you could skip. While it stands alone better, I wouldn’t recommend beginning with or only reading this one, though. Next up: D is for deadbeat!

C is for corpse: a Kinsey Millhone mystery by Sue Grafton book cover

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