Monthly Archives: January 2012

January’s already begun!


That’s okay, I have some books too that have carried over from the previous year so, I’ve “begun” my reading for 2012 already.

Usually, I am pretty good about not having more than one book going at a time but there are occasions in which I have several, such as now. I need to commit to a book and read it then move on to the next. Let’s go!

The point of this blog is to not only keep track of what I have read for 2012 but to keep me focused and on track. What’s the goal? To read what’s on my bookshelf, many of which I have been trucking around from home to college to grad school, and now that I have a full-time job with “evenings free,” reading can be a viable pastime that no longer competes with school reading. Although, let’s be honest, I always did find some time for pleasure reading.

Currently, I have Infinite jest, Reading Lolita in Tehran, The Imperfectionists, How to be alone, and Freedom all started. I began some a while ago and others are more recent. Seems nowadays I get in a mood for something and if that’s not what I’m reading then I’ll pick up another more likely candidate. My childhood reader would be appalled–the girl who consumed novels, always finished books, and never had more than one going at a time; but then again with how fast I read, it makes sense–free time must have been much more plentiful, though I do remember hauling my books everywhere and now there are smartphones with the Internet always with us!

I collected these books over the many years with the intent to read them, and many are classics and well-revered novels, so this is the year!

Want to join me on this moving bookmark adventure? Then stay tuned for more!

Oh, and if you didn’t guess, moving bookmark is meant to invoke the progression of reading a book, in which the bookmark gets moved throughout the work until it’s reached the end. Dog-earring isn’t my style, I’m a librarian and couldn’t do that to any book; even in college when I professor required that I take notes in the margins, I cringed and only did it when he counted points for it on certain days!